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Ecozone - Descale tablets for dishwasher or washing machine


Protect your appliances with our eco freindly washing machine and dishwasher cleaner.  It is specially formulated to clean and freshen by getting rid of stobborn limescale and detergent that have built up over time.  That way your machine can keep preforming at its best and you can avoid expensive call out charges and repair bills.  With a fresh lemon scent our eco friendly formula will leave your appliance free of any nasty odours and clean as a whistle.

Washing machine: pop a tablet into the drum of your empty machine and run a hot cycle without a prewash.

Dishwashers: Pop the tablet into the bottom of the empty machine and run a hot wash without a prerinse.

Clean your washing machine and dishwasher every three months to keep them in tip top condition.

This pack contains 6 tablets in soluable bags.

Ingredients:  50% inoranic salts, 35% activity ozygen, 10% organic acid, 0.5% purfune.

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