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Ecozone - Toilet smell killer


Toilet smellkiller

Chemical free odour eliminator.  This smellkiller has been tested to remove nasty smells from your toilet without using any chemical fragrances.

Made in Germay from precision cut high grade stainless steel, smellkiller neutralises odours as soon as they come into contact with the air and water.  Save money on bathroom deodorisers and chemicals.  Toilet smellkiller will last a lifetime and never needs refilling or replacing.

How to use:

1.  Before first use, wash smellkiller under running water with washing up liquid.

2.  Hang smellkiller on the inside of your toilet bowl ensuring that water will pass over the surface when you flush.

3.  Thats it.  Each time you flush, the smellkiller will help make your loo smell fresh again.

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