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Global - Soap Nuts 250g


A biodegradable, economical, sustainable product that naturally washes your clothes.

A natural laundry soap that grows on trees.   Soap nuts are native to Nepal and India where they have been used for centuries.   They are a fruit that grows on the sapindus Mukorossi tree.   The fruit are the size of a cherry and contain the substance saponin - which is   nature's own detergent.   Local families harvest and deseed them.   The shell off the fruit is then dried in the sun using absolutely no chemical or manufacturing process.

Facts on soap nuts.

Soap nuts can be used in front and top loaded machines.

They work in any temperature - use about 5 soap nuts for a warm wash and add a few extra for a cold wash.

They can be used about 4-5 times   before they loose their saponin.   You can tell this when the soap nuts are becoming soft and losing their sheen.

For best results separate whites and colours.

There is no need to use fabric softener as the soap nuts leave your laundry wonderfully soft.

Soap nuts are completely biodegradable.   Return your used soap nuts to the earth by putting them into your compost bin.

The grey water is also harmless to the environment as no chemical agents will pollute the water courses.   This makes soap nuts ideal for septic tanks and to water your garden with.

Soap nuts are ideal for people with sensitive skin.   They are hypoallergenic and especially good for babies and people with eczema or psoriasis.   They contain no chemicals and are a simple and natural way for washing your laundry.

Soap nuts are very economical.   They are   believed to be 50% cheaper than chemically produced detergents.

How to use soap nuts :

To wash your laundry, place 4-6 soap nuts in your organic cotton wash bag which is provided.

Simply pop the wash bag in the washing machine with your laundry.   It will come out clean and soft with a natural fresh scent.

If you wish you can add a few drop of your favourite essential oil into your wash bag.  

Soap nuts: A fantastic way to do your part in saving the environment by using this earth friendly, biodegradable, economical and sustainable product!

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